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Hunt the Leader 30th Sept 2106


Amazers meets in John Ruskin School (main hall) between 6 and 7pm on Friday evenings during term time.

It is for 5 - 11 year olds who are at Primary School and costs £1 per session or £20.00 for the year. If you attend regularly this will work out at a small saving and make life easier through the year.


 Weekly Competitions

Make sure you check our competitions page to see the latest quiz from Amazers. This term we are going to check out Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Our Amazers group each Friday is one long hour of fun and competitions - so make sure you don't miss out.



Visit the Guardians of Ancora website - just click on the link below and load the game free of charge onto your phone tablet or ipad



Why not go to our links page and look up some of the links there. Competitions and loads of fun things can be found by clicking on the links.


 Our Air Guitar Champions for 2016 are

Saffy, Katie and Max













Check out this page for new news of Amazers and old news of Lazerz!

Friday July 08th 2016


This week yellow surfer was the winner and Grace, Taylor, Daisey, Kaiden, Georgia, Jessica, Sam T, Ruby, Saffy, Isabel,  and Mya went for the winner.

 The competition Winners will be announced at Alan and Glenda's leaving do on September 24th


Our song tonight was "I Like Bananas"

Best Singer             Summer

Best Dancer             Erin

Most Effort            Cecilia

Chloe's Award          Taylor

Matthew's Prize        Ruby

Best Leader            Alan 


TAYLOR won the special award and keeps the Golden Goblet - forever- Well done Taylor - you deserve it



42 Erin

37 Luke and Jessica

36 Bobby

35 Taylor

29 Cecilia

25 Summer

22 Anita

Well done Erin - you held your nerve in a high pressure final.

And to everyone else - you are all stars.




christmas_post1_400thank you to all our Post Deliverers in December 2015. We raised £382.72 and the money was sent to Tear Fund's "No Child Taken" to help stop children being made into slaves.









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